Only to often we see tourist over grounding already over populated countries. Taking in all the surroundings, The sunsets, the culture. All they leave… is the country.
How do you give back? Do you give back when you visit another country?
I am so mindful of this on our travels to India. I find entering another country like entering another persons house.
With the most utter respect.
Mindful what I use and thoughtful how I leave it.
I cannot say I live 100% plastic free. I am an inspiring sustainable human!
I do my best and on the failing moments I make a point to create a use for it. I have made many changes which I have shared and I know there is many more that I shall learn. I promise I shall share those too.

”45 million of India’s 62 million tonnes of annual garbage remain untreated, a dangerous statistic that would lead India to severe garbage crisis by 2030.

Major landfills in the urban metropolises, from Delhi’s Ghazipur to Mumbai’s Deonar are exhausted and overburdened by the daily disposal of waste.”




My family are traveling to the sacred lands of India in Feb.
A healing journey since my daughter is in her 2nd year in recovery.
Blog Post- Steps to India..
Time to capture time together- living rather than living in fear.
I am mindful of the tourists way. Taking in all the beauty, culture and what is given back…?
This powerful image is by Arash Yaghmaian on my IG post echoed every inch of my being what this journey is about for us.
He has allowed me to use his image on IG for this Camapiagn.
Most of the this waste is delivered from the UK.
I cannot travel there and physically hand deliver my waste. 
So our campaign is to travel with reusable. Where I am in my life I have noticed more about convenience and the spoilt manor it portrays within in. I am working very hard  on being present and disposable can mask so much on being present. All about the fixing and for it to be instant.
Respect and Restore.
I have been mindful about eco friendly products and waste. Yet like everything in life I need to update, upgrade and make more concerted decisions.
 When I had Ivy we lived in a small town in Nova Scotia called Lunenburg over the Summers. I became very aware on waste and reusable in my time being there. It was a beautiful Artisan town with the ethos to recycle and create magic.
I wish wish wish I had done this years ago with Ivy on reusable nappies. I tried a few times but being a single mum and very fragile mentally I couldn’t take it on. The best I did was use eco friendly nappies but I know they take there time to decompose.
Then Omelia with her sacral tumour and fragile circumstances. Mentally and physically needed to play it safe and simple.
But NOW this is a wonderful opportunity to do it. Because I mentally and physically cant use eco-friendly disposables and add to the waste in INDIA..
Its too close to home and a wonderful awakening how much change needs to be consistent. We all have the moments of ‘THE EMERGENCY’ – or ‘JUST THIS ONE’. If everyone does that it delays precious protection to our planet.
So its supporting yourself with boundaries! Hurrah! The wonderful B word always gets in there and its because its there to support you.
Knowledge is power.





Below is statistics from an article by the Independent


On average, every household uses 373 plastic bottles each year, of which only 29 (less than 10 per cent) are recycled.

The quantity of plastic bottles recycled has more than doubled since 2002. Recycling one can save enough energy to light a 60W bulb for up to six hours.

Plastic is one of the hardest materials to recycle, as it needs to be sorted. Bottles are the easiest. .After being processed into flakes or pellets, they can be remade into fleece jackets, traffic cones, drainage pipes, street furniture, garden furniture, carpets, stuffing for sleeping bags, and toys and playground equipment.


Paper is one of the most successful areas of recycling.

Some 57 per cent of paper used in Britain is recovered and recycled. Because the UK makes 6 million tons of paper a year – but imports a further 6 million – UK papermills are already using all the recycled paper they can. To avoid its being dumped or burned, excess “waste” paper must be exported for recycling. UK papermakers use a higher proportion of recycled paper (74 per cent) than any other European country (average 45 per cent).


Aluminium drinks cans are most likely go to Novelis Recycling in Warrington, which operates Europe’s only dedicated aluminium can recycling plant. Five billion aluminium cans are used in the UK each year – but nearly two-thirds are dumped, even though aluminium is one of the easiest materials to recycle, one of the most environmentally beneficial and valuable.

It’s the only recyclable material that covers its cost of collection and reprocessing, and can be endlessly recycled with no loss of quality, saving 95 per cent of the energy required to make cans from raw materials. The low recycling rate is mainly because a third of all canned drinks are consumed away from home, and then put in litter bins.

“Tin cans” are really steel. Every year some 13 billion are used in the UK, and even though each one is 100 per cent recyclable more than half are landfilled. Recycling at UK steel plants saves up to 75 per cent of energy needed to make new cans from virgin materials.


This is composted and either sold on to horticultural suppliers, or used in parks. It is the most-collected type of recycling. Local authorities have made great efforts to collect kitchen and garden waste partly because it is quite heavy – and since their recycling rates are measured by weight, this is a good way to boost tonnage, and meet targets. (Plastic, in contrast, is hugely bulky and very light.)


Glass recycling hit record levels in 2005 – 1,272,000 tons. But this is only 50.8 per cent of the total amount of glass we use.

So another 1.2m tons were dumped across the country.

Glass recycling now reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around200,000 tons each year in the UK, and UK glassmakers used a record 742,000 tons of recycled glass in 2005 (British-made bottles and jars now contain on average 35.5 per cent recycled glass).

Another 250,000 tons of glass from recycling collections were exported to Europe; and 280,000 tons were used in construction or roadmaking.

Low-value, crushed green glass (which cannot be mixed with clear or brown to make new clear glass bottles), or mixed glass is used in building or road materials, for filtration systems in swimming pools, and is even being trialled in place of sand for bunkers on golf courses.


The journey, the beautiful pathway to discovering.
As I have written this article I have realised the Tourist to Traveler.
Instantly the travellers  mindset is about longevity on what is carefully selected and taken with them.
This is the mindset we need in our day to day lives.
This gift for us to go  back packing to Asia  on a very tight budget has kicked me up the bottom even more so. Concreting my concerted decisions.
Here are a few I will be taking. I will be sharing more later. I also have some 20% off Codes to share to you from Greens Steel & OraniCup.
I will be sharing my potions I have created to protect and heal us. If we run out, I will be able to make more of it. Wipes, Soaps, Sprays and much more.


Enough from me, I hope you have a taken little something from here to support you  finding the longevity in your day to day needs and  question what you actually need.
Much love










I have only learnt the meaning behind this beautiful climber writing this post. It means Celebrating the youthful vitality of a young child






I am over the top and incredibly passionate. I love to love and when it feels good I suck up and soak in every inch. So when I saw my wisteria budding for the first time. You can imagine.
Always the big waiting game as to whether you have a male or female… and hurrah hurrah I had a female. Which means FLOWERS! I smiled and smiled shared in every way and everyone that would appreciate my delight.
My dream came true. Climbing wisteria on my house. It was only when I repeated those words again to myself alone I stopped and thought ‘ what’ ‘My dream came true’…. ‘what are my dreams’?
I am blessed to have incredible friends who inspire me so much. Share their ambitions and life plans, Work hard, study, create businesses, charities and love and nurture their families.
There I was with my wish, my dream.
So like we hear so often. A butterfly transforms, buds flourish and eventually blossoms.
I felt pretty much as small, tight & restricted as this beautiful bud. But what was my ambitions, how was I going to blossom and grow.


I always say how grateful I am. My recovery, my children. Omelias survival. My own development has been stalled a little. Om is only 2. I admit I am very critical as most of us are. But something was calling me- load and clear.
The first year of Omelias life I can just amount remember. This photo Om was nearly 1 year. A time I started feeling joy for my little family.
I was Reluctant to buy anything for her incase she died.  One stage I will hold dearly is when she was about 10 months I got her things for their room. Buying clothes gave me huge anxiety. It wasn’t even for not wanting to- it was physical. My mind went blank. Forgetting her size. What I needed. Seems so stupid but it was crippling. Thank goodness for on line and wonderful brands on IG- it was a saviour for me.


Then as the winter came last year my reaction to my trauma got worse resulting to a nervous breakdown.
Looking back I know it was the universes way of holding me still. My head full of Mummusearth a charity I created with many brands to donate to Neonatal and raise money through workshops and creating ideas to make a living.
My skin started breaking out. There was a lot wrong. From not feeling my legs, walking I thankfully had a scan and slipped discs in my neck and lumbar with range of vitamin deficnecies. I was sent on a path with direction.
I could hardly get out of bed to look after my children. So I retired with everything. Anything difficult, unclear or wonky had to go.
I knew I needed to have my health. That was vital for us all. I couldn’t cope and that scared me so much. With family out of the UK. Very little support. I felt isolated and alone.
So back to my ambitions and dreams…Before I made decisions. I knew I needed to get well.
I had a few people to discuss my thoughts with that could stop it from happening which added a whole other bubble wrap layer upon the restriction I felt already.

I then needed to break down also what I was struggling with.



For me it was Ivy being at school. I remember I couldn’t wait for her to go. It was getting the hours in at nursery and some -then September came.
The pressure that came with that I was totally unprepared for. So small restricted I felt was not allowing me to appreciate this transition because I felt dooped. Time was off and I couldn’t catch my breath soon enough.
So I needed out.
That was a whole load of chat about me and my needs. Of course Now it was Ivy. Taking the steps to see how this would affect her. I knew she needed me, time and reassurance. Ivys Schools was with her a lot and aware of what has happened and felt their thoughts important. Her emotional and mental development and her learning ability.
I spoke to her teachers and the Head. Asking advice what they thought her needs her.

I went to the council and found out what I needed to do.

  • what was the curriculum 5-6yrs
  • To inform school
  • to confirm Ivys education
The gamble of all gambles meant that taking her our meant she lost her place.
One in one out.



Ivy was only turning 3 when I found out about the tumour at 5 months pregnant and to be honest I remember very little on how I was with her. But my heart and head knows I need to have time with her, with Omelia as a family now that Om survived. The photo below is the day after we found out.
We have our first year out of hospital. 3 years of appointments/ scans/ blood tests.Waiting with dread again and again.
It needed to happen, something did….
Ivy’s 3rd Birthday
Ivy 5
One thing I will never get back is time. A school place will come available at some point. After what we had endured I could manage this.
I was now entering the world on Home Schooling.

Look forward to sharing the next Chapter..

With love



№ 1 2019

As we enter a new year. I was given a beautiful deck from a friend.
I am very particular on my decks. It needs to be love at first sight for us to be able to work together.
So for this to be given to me- I truly knew they were literally sent to me.
I am reluctant to follow traditions that stain us with the feelings of obligation.
New me, new year. Its very subtle pressure. Resolutions…
I also felt giving a full reading in one day for  the year ahead,  a lot of information.
So I have decided  to scatter this over the month ahead before I leave to India. I down load and to be honest I am learning on managing it. I find it very overwhelming the need to share it all. To be heard. If only I could use a usb and transport it all to you.
However I know this is a gift with a lesson. To trust. To be patient.
The have to’s of society. It may seem rebellious not to follow. Funny as these cards are called Sacred Rebels.
With the worlds news and its social media frenzy. I have said this many times- we have even more gateways to listen to the musts, needs and I really wish to pull back and tweak the angle in how we look upon it- because its a fine line.
Even though my platform is small. I hope this reaches to you and I would love to hear form you.
So 2019… Welcome.
Looking forward to a whole year ahead is an attractive way to look at it. A years reading.
The divine, the universe guides. Rather than our ego leading with what you have to do and need to do!!! What you need to stop or do more of.
Before I begin I want to share my introduction onto the eve of the fresh pages of 2019. Where I downloaded it all!
I have been trying to get old photos from 10 years off a hard drive.
I split water on my mac while watching breaking bad….. remember that, I was late to the party also. Thankfully everything was saved and put on a hard drive. I have been searching on this hard drive for 5 years to retrieve these photos. In and out I would go trying to locate where they were hiding.
The photo that bugged me the most was of my doggie when I first got her. The rest I couldn’t remember what they were but I knew there were other birthing pics of Ivy I was keen to get hold of too.
But I could feel the physical overload. I needed to clear it. It was time to purge, release and free myself from this.
The other day on new years day I got in through the depths of applications and systems.

10,000 photos!

I feel like I have been transported back – quantum leap style.
I have so much I wish to share but I feel I need to be very selective what is for here and what is for my book.
What I need to share relates to my reading I did for you and what I intuitively felt. The impact I experienced was not only physical but mentally liberating.
I can choice how It pulls my A chords – the strings of my addiction.
Returning to my madness, destructive friendships & selfhatred.
I have never forgotten where I have grown from. But I am a visuals person. Whether we like to believe it or not we have the ability to protect ourselves on a level we cant decode until the time is right.
I never did anything by the book. Which prolonged my recovery. I didn’t listen.
What I was reminded of returning to these photos. I was pregnant only 9 months in recovery. They say the first relationship you have is with yourself for the first year. I don’t want to sound cock, I put myself in danger. Its a fine line to know what is your calling and what is your need/fix.

Ivy was my calling.

So Sacred Rebel is in my bones. I suppose being a sagi I flirt with adventure and risk with souful grace. Which is my biggest lesson.
Being an addict I thread onto it all. Knitted tightly.
I really hope this all makes sense. I suppose I am sharing with you why these cards mean so much to me.
This is why it is so important to be quiet enough to know the difference and who is calling.
The voice of you saying ”You can you can’, or ‘fuck them do it’.
Relationships. To depend and defend yourself & rights.
You need support and connection in relationships, you also need space to tune in and secure yourself. So I feel a hem feels more appropriate. Call a friend once you have spoken with yourself. Spend time with friends when you have spent time with yourself.





To develop you  really need to walk through the process with your eyes open. Understand it, eyes  wide open so you know what you are walking away from in the future.
We can think that a process is in sections. Yep cool, tick, check… down that. But its a cycle. Like the moon is on repeat. We go through layers in different formulas, as we upgrade we master the healing to another level.
Do you often think- I thought I was ok about that and suddenly it feels different and you feel you have no progress.
There is no right or wrong. A vizad could have been protecting you and you are now stronger to approach it.
I say this often – I have experiences that are on repeat & I feel its my souls calling to share on this journey with you. The work gets deeper and deeper. Imagine the sanding process on coarse wood. You need different kinds of grades to work on the wood.
My cycle dances in its circles around making life changing decisions without the approval of others – Its been the most painful and challenging lesson. Each time its my steps of freedom.
Seeking  support, reassurance and advice is comforting. Not following because the response in out of tune means you are not being true to you.
Restricting yourself. Not allowing yourself to stumble and learn.


First card.



I have written this reading like how I to used do my Lives. I share what comes through and then I read the meaning behind the card.
This year adds to 3. In numerology it is a very special number.
As we already know with kids- 3 is the magic number!! Teehee….
Its sacred. Father, son and the holy spirit.
Past, present and the future. Beginning, middle and end. This is the year to come into the present. All you experienced, the hardship from the past the energy this year will encourage you to land on your feet into today.
This card shares about the journey.  The physical and The inside one, but the destination will be the physical expression of the internal healing.
Gathering all you have taken in, experienced and do not forget mastered!
Like I mentioned before- all the repeated situations that you have gone through, you upgrade dealing with your healing.
This has prepared you for this particular adventure.
All the tools are with you. Its knowing where they are located. How to use them and wisely.
I often look at it like safety requirements and age limits. Sometimes we are too wise before our time. Using tools that are for  18+ we know how to use it. But not knowing its worth, the impact. Therefore we are not using it to its full potential. Around you go again till you know. None of it is a waste of time. Continue to absorb every inch of your experiences.
Now its time. Your heart knows.
What comes with you and what doesn’t.
You have the knowledge.
As you disembark you may feel surprised at how light you can travel with ease. Not double checking on the if’s and but’s. Off you go!
For these next steps you need this lightness. For all this change is a blessing. Even if they are things that made you feel secure, familiar. Its a transformation. Growth. To separate and be given space for this to happen. To blossom. You need breathing space.

What served you then, is not for now.
This is brave because you are venturing upon unknown than known. Tapping into new resources within.
An area of all possibilities.
To know and expect is not living.
To explore is to learn and to find your gifts..
Whether you are going away to explore, find new work, new friends, new home, new collage…A new level of consciousness.
This is echoing for you to step out and step forward from others and into your mindset.
This is where expansion comes from. It doesn’t need to be about the final outcome. Its about you turning your head towards it. Which means slowing down and listening.
If you feel you have done all the work and all around is still and nothing seems to have shifted. It has… all is coming.
This is about you being patient.
Loyal to your honest self  about all the work you have out in……. and having faith.
Which is what I was expressing at the start.
I have created a ritual for you to do. Tuning in to your heart and an offering of love.


Mantra- Smile as you chant these words.

Thy truth sets me free

I believe in myself. 

I am enough and I love myself exactly as I am.

I am enough.

light a candle.
All the love to you. Exciting times. I really hope you have enjoyed your 1st 2019 Forecast. Any questions get in touch below. xx




I made this recipe when I was in spain during  Malbon solstice.
Harvesting all the gorgeous Apples and Pears wanting to create a delicious treat for the pixies. Adding magical herbs to support them through the winters months.
The girls only drink water. Ivy was a little constipated in the summer so I gave her pear juice which supports this.

What I do-

Dice Pear
Pour water over to Cover Pears.
Sprinkle Herbs
Poach till soft on a low heat.
Drain Pears
Whisk . Store in Jar for fresh compost for breakfast.
All the water left makes a gorgeous nourishing drink for the kiddos.

Now back to making my Apple Date Delight ….

What you need-

Apples/ Pears
Organic Ground Cinnamon
Organic Ground Ginger
Lemon 1/2
Honey/ Maple
Oatly Cream

What I do…

Slice all apples place in a dish.
Each Layer dress with herbs and Spice.
Not only is this really enjoyable I have listed the benefits of all the herbs and spices.


Cinnamon is made by cutting the stems of cinnamon trees. The inner bark is then extracted and the woody parts removed.
When it dries,It curls into rolls that you can use for decoration or infuse dishes. Classic cinnamon sticks. These sticks can be ground to form cinnamon powder.
Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidants.
The herbs  can help prevent tooth decay and reduce bad breath. I have made a wonderful toothpaste which I shall share soon.
I have recently learnt it can be found as a cheap form known as Fake Cinnamon ‘Cassia’.
Ceylon Cinnamon will be in most health food stores.
This is Cinnamon in its true & highest quaility form.This is where you will benefit from all its properties.

Palo Hacks has all the amazing truths and history behind it.



Added lemon for Vitc
sed for treating cough and flu.


Not only adds a gorgeous aniseed taste it is fabulous for digestion, consipation and
a great for treating cough and flu.

I added honey as a natural sweetener. You can also use Maple.
Cut 6 dates ands scatter on the top and seeds.
Halfway through I add Oatly & the return to the oven on a low heat.

Its a delicious treat.







This book is dedicated to


I send love

 in every page.

 Sealed & Stored

till you next open me.





Its a fine line




I am not a therapist

Addiction councillor,


or any other Medical Profession.


I am an addict sharing from my point of view

18 years in & 7 years out.



I write this from my heart. I do not wish to tell many war stories. Yet saying this 
I feel there needs to be some.
   When I was lingering in the doorways of sobriety, I always felt no one understood meor they were as bad. Therefore meant it was easier for them to clean their act. 
Which is an Assumption, a posh word for a wild stab in the dark or a prediction to 
my advantage. 
This my friend, was my old time favourite excuse.

   Where to begin. I hope what I share encourages and inspires you 
to know that you can achieve this. 
Is achieve the right word? Yes it is. 
Because there are many layers,intricate detail, some even invisible. 
Do you remember The Crystal Maze? 
When they achieved a task. 
What they had to do didn't always feel great, at times high impact and exhausting. 
BUT when they did it!!!!!! 
It was an achievement.

Onto the the next layer. Hurrah!!

   There are many many stories on getting clean. Some easier than others. 
As I am writing this again I am thinking -
'oh no mine wasn't so straight forward it will put people off'. 
I am at it again doing all your thinking for you.
Then I remember, this is the point I want to make.

   Share my classic assumptions, Judgements, my greatest fears, the short cuts, the 
alarm bells that rang so loud yet I still didn't or chose to not hear.
To be honest when its your time it will happen. 
What I do know in my heart I cannot go 
through what I have without sharing.

My life was saved from myself.

How crazy is that. I have had to re-read it to see if it makes sense. 
I was the enemy. I repeatedly tried to kill myself.

A scavenger for self destruction.

   Finding recovery took me ages. 
It wasn't that I didn't know I had a problem. 
I couldn't hear. I identified with no one. Every pitch on recovery was silent or    
breathless words.

I wish to share all the Pitches that were said to me that eventually stuck and 
stayed. My core tokens I treasure and use in my day to day life. 
As my friend Sassy said. 'My medicine'.

Page 1.